Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back to toying with plastic men

So I took a long break over the holidays, and am finally getting back into doing some painting and such. My wife and her mother helped my IG army grow and I have started toying with the idea of a Tyranid army. The cute little buggers will take awhile so I am looking into dipping them to get them on the table top quick and to a decent standard.

Below is my first attempt on one of the Space Hulk genestealers. I thought it would be a softer tone than it was, but I sorta like the look. Originally I was going for a Hive Fleet Leviathan look, but I may as well just make it my own and roll with it. I will of course knock the gloss off of the finish with a matte varnish after the little guy has sat for a good 48 hrs.