Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dragon Update

OK, so I got more work done and got the rider worked on as well. The only thing I am really lacking is redoing the flowing robes from the rider as I screwed them up and started repainting them, so I guess just ignore that. The gems on the rider also need to be painted. As far as the big gem on the head, I tried to use the gem painting scheme they suggest in the army book, but from some angles it looks kind of weird but from the overhead shot it looks really good. Undecided if I am going to keep that look or not. I may just go back over teh gems with gloss varnish.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Elven invasion of my painting desk!

OK, so for starters I am beginning work on an elven army for Warhammer Fantasy. I am kind of burned out on painting my warriors of chaos and I also kind of want another army to change things up with now and then. Sadly, thanks to Bartertown I have a much larger High Elf army than I do Warriors of Chaos! I have a feeling the elves will end up being my tournament army for the upcoming tourney at the end of May.

So for starters I have begun work on the centerpiece for my army and the only piece that was actually purchased. My wife got me the Lord on dragon box set as sort of a wedding gift which I thought was cute (Yep, she's a keeper!). The rest of the army was fully obtained in trades for my daemon army and some space marine stuff.

So without further delay...the dragon! Bare in mind he is not near completion yet, as none of the gem-work has been done, and none of the gold. I also need to go back over a few areas and the base of the model is only base-coated. This project is going to take a long while. Heck, the riders aren't painted or magnetized yet either, but I just couldn't resist getting started on the painting.

I am going for a much darker, more muted look to my elven army. I am not a big fan of big, bright colors and the book Malekith has kind of drawn me to make a sort of Nagarythe-inspired army.

I'm still painting when I can...

I forgot to add this update awhile back. It seems I am starting to get slack with updates, but hopefully that will change soon. Here is my Sorcerer of Nurgle. There are a couple of things I would like to do to him yet such as the eyes and perhaps embellish the base more, but for now he is good enough for table top.